Cornucopia offers a number of services that address the everyday needs of our residents. These services are designed to help with necessities such as food, school supplies, and baby gear. We also focus on community building and emotional well-being with parties, barbeques, Christmas gifts, and senior events. Residents at every property are also presented with a tailor-made Resource Guide that details the services that are available to them in their area.


In the month of December residents are hosted at a complete free holiday dinner including special treats and desserts. Children ages 0-12 receive gifts ranging from baby dolls to art kits and remote control cars. Raffle prizes are given to teens 13-18 as well as adults.


Health, Educational, Finance and Safety presentations are offered to residents all year long. The Red Cross, local fire departments, healthcare professionals and others are enlisted to speak at our sites and answer questions.

Residents enjoy several activities offered at nine of our senior properties. Including computer classes, excerise classes, birthday celebrations, themed barbeques, holiday celebrations, bingo nights, movies, game nights, and more.


Fully loaded backpacks are given to kids in first through sixth grades. Backpacks include supplies such as binders, pencils, pens, crayons, folders, paper and much more. The packs are delivered at back-to-school parties that celebrate the new school year with barbeques and games.


Cornucopia collaborates with a variety of food banks across several counties to provide 735 of our residents with a package of food that includes both fresh and packaged items every month. A common parcel will include chicken, rice, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Seniors on limited incomes welcome the help to their food budgets.


New mothers are presented with a layette which includes newborn necessities like clothing, diapers, and baby products. Typically we welcome over 40 new babies annually.


In the month of April, Cornucopia sponsors an Easter Party. Children are invited to participate in the day's festivities which include free lunch, games, giveaways and, of course, an egg hunt.


Residents are presented with a tailor-made Resource Guide, available in English, Spanish, and Korean, detailing services available to them in their communities.